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caltrans Guns drawn on Pasadena Ave, Oh My!!
Sent: Tuesday 9/10/02

Five state CHP cars descended with shotguns drawn on 1191 Pasadena at 5 PM today to confront squaters.The CHIPS were accompanied by Mary Scott and another employee of Caltrans and three vans from R&R Construction. The trouble was approximately 8 squatters who have continually broken into this home. Baseball bats and other crude clubs were taken along with power tools used to force entry. But no bodies were taken in. The workmen promptly boarded up the house after taking the house breaking tools. I bet 10 bucks that the breakers will be back in tonight or they will break into the unsecured and vacant house next door. Since there is no apparent policy to deal with this, they will just break into another target of convenience. --- Don Jones


caltrans Meeting on JANUARY 7th at 7:30pm

The meeting will be held at: 628 South Saint John Ave., Pasadena.
The meeting called for Tuesday the 7th of January has been called by John Kvammen and Lizz Wolf as an exploratory gathering of concerned tenants who feel, despite the efforts of many good people, we are at an impasse with a state agency that is out of control and feels it is immune from the law and immune from accountability to the taxpayers of California.. It is time to make Caltrans accountable. I hope to see you at my house on Tuesday.
John Kvammen


caltrans Follow-up on the Corrales Family Situation. Letter from David Corrales to Caltrans.

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