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The Caltrans Tenants of the 710 Corridor

The Caltrans Tenants Association is comprised of all those living in Caltrans owned homes along the 710 Freeway corridor. There are almost 600 residential properties along the corridor including ninety- five “historic” homes. The tenants represent a diverse group of families who have an average tenancy of twenty years.

We came together as an association in response to Caltrans’ shift in a variety of policies that directly affect our tenancies. We believe that our neighborhood and our ability to remain in our homes are continually threatened by Caltrans insensitivity to our unique situation. We are concerned about Caltrans blatant attempt to depopulate the corridor and their failure to follow their own policies, mission statement, and abide by state and local health and safety codes.

The purpose of our group is:
  • To educate and inform members and the community on issues affecting Caltrans Tenants.
  • To insure Caltrans properties are compliant with state and local health and safety codes. To date, no Caltrans properties have occupancy permits.
  • To protect Caltrans tenants and their neighbors from the criminal element which is a direct result of Caltrans policies of vacating properties. According to Caltrans recent quarterly report, 3/5/2002, there are close to142 homes now vacant, most of them in Pasadena.
  • To inform the community about the “historic home”rehabilitation process. Almost $20 million taxpayer dollars was spent on 39 homes at an average of $500,000 per house. Some, if not all, of these rehabbed homes are non-code compliant and are in need of considerable additional repair. Additional taxpayer money is being spent with no end in sight. The State Auditor report (August 2000), initiated in part by the complaints of tenants, showed gross mismanagement of taxpayer funds with little or no accountability. Privately secured contractors inspected a number of rehabbed properties and, without exception, found the poorest quality of materials and workmanship, well below private sector standards. The scope of the audit was narrowly defined and criminal intent or neglect was not addressed. Many of the rehabbed homes remain vacant and are the targets of criminal activity. Caltrans is requesting another $22 million to finish the historical homes.
  • To insure that the ROD is upheld as to keeping the fiber of the neighborhood intact and the properties occupied.
  • To protect tenants from Caltrans policies of, unfair rental increases, unfair evaluation of fair market prices, years of poor maintenance and repair, and discrimination.
  • To protect the rights of all tenants as prescribed in Caltrans own Right of Way Manual.
  • To protect Caltrans tenants rights to exercise their present and future options under government codes to purchase their homes, including the sale of surplus and excess properties. Many properties are in these categories and should be sold.

    The Caltrans Tenants Association is dedicated to procuring just and fair treatment by Caltrans as we await the eventual possible purchase of our homes. We consider ourselves a vibrant and caring part of our community and wish to be a part of the American dream in pride of responsible ownership. Many of us have put considerable time, effort and money into improving and maintaining our rented homes. We want these homes to be put back on the tax role to be able to enhance the fabric of our community. We pledge to use all available legal, political and editorial means possible to have tenants’ concerns addressed, their rights upheld and our goals met. We invite participation by all interested parties.

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