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For you who didn't receive this recent newsletter we include an excerpt from it regarding the Caltrans Homes:

Caltrans Homes

The approximately 150 homes in Pasadena owned by Caltrans continue to be a source of concern and frustration to the neighborhood. Many of the homes, rehabilitated by Caltrans at significant cost several years ago, still sit empty. These homes have been subject to vandalism and some have seen police activity. For example, over the Labor Day weekend, the rehabilitated but vacant home on the corner of Wigmore Drive and Pasadena Avenue was vandalized and many of the front windows were broken.

Those who follow the 710 Freeway saga believe that the 710 Project, a controversy of some 50 years, will never be built. The high costs of construction, very expensive mitigation measures needed, and the costs associated with the relocation of approximately 1000 households along the proposed route makes the project unfeasible.

Recently, a new District Director of Caltrans, Douglas Failing, was appointed. SPNA urges neighbors to write to Mr. Failing and tell him of our opposition to the current situation. Letters to Mr. Failing need not be long but should stress the need to rent - at reasonable rates - or sell all of the Caltrans homes in Pasadena. Our neighborhood deserves better and needs relief from the continuing problems. Send your letters to:

Douglas R. Failing, District Director
Department of Transportation, District 7
120 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles 90012

It would be helpful to send copies of your letters to Mayor Bill Bogaard and Councilman Steve Madison at City Hall, 100 N. Garfield Ave., Pasadena 91109.

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